In Response to Iz’s Mermaid Problem

Dr. Caulfield:

Thank you for forwarding your friend’s letter to me. Considering it was handwritten, I’m assuming that by now both Iz and the mermaid–or possibly siren–have reached Paris; however, I have to say, it’s unlikely that there would be a nest here.

The Seine empties into Le Havre, but its source is inland–between Montbard and Dijon–so when it passes through Paris, it’s still technically a freshwater river. Although I don’t have much experience with mermaids, I’ve always understood them to be saltwater creatures. Additionally, the water that flows through the city is–well, filthy–and I know they’ve been working to clean it, but unless the nest just moved in, I have to wonder if Paris was really her destination.

Of course, considering we had a Wendigo in Paris just last week, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that there’s a nest of mermaids somewhere in the Seine.

Please, tell Iz to meet me tomorrow at 13h00 near the monument for Antoine Watteau in Luxembourg Gardens. In the meantime, I’ll pull up any info I can find on mermaids and Abnormals in the Seine.

In Salvo,


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