An Invitation to Hunters of the Paranormal:

My name is Marka Alighieri, and I’ve been hunting for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, the untimely deaths of many teachers and comrades over the years have left me with little information to rely on. I’ve found much of the advice provided in lore to be misguided, incomplete, or simply false, and I do not believe we, as a community, can survive much longer without sourcing our knowledge.

Considering the isolated nature of our lifestyle, it can be extremely difficult to find other hunters with first-hand understanding and experience, and even more difficult for a hunter to remain living long enough to impart the full extent of their knowledge on future generations.

My goal is to create a place for hunters to gather in safety–a place where we can share information from around the world–a place where we can continue our battle to protect and serve the goodness that remains on this earth.

Lives depend on us.

If you are truly a hunter, and are able to help me–to help us–please send me a private message with the specific ratio of elements required to forge a sword that kills a Dullahan. If you answer correctly, I will provide you with a passcode to join the Association. If you do not, feel free to participate by sharing your knowledge in the comments below.

In Salvo,


Please note the following modification:

Considering Dr. Matthew T. Caulfield‘s suggestion, I am willing to accept applications that deal with creatures similar to a Dullahan (if you find yourself unfamiliar with the species).

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