The Bestiary

To make the navigation of this website simpler, we have decided to create a “Bestiary,” or a list of all the Abnormal creatures we know of. Graciously, Dr. Caulfield has agreed to provide us with an introduction from his own Bestiary, as well as a few excerpts concerning creatures he has seen firsthand.
We hope this helps.
In Salvo,

It comes as no surprise to me that little effort has ever been put into creating a complete, modern compendium of the creatures that exist outside the realm of “Normal” society. Unless I am mistaken, no other serious academic has put nearly so much research into these matters as I, myself. With that, I would like to announce my establishment of what I am tentatively referring to as “The Bestiary.”

While it lacks the frigidity–and rigidity–of academia, it is a title that I feel befits the scale of the project. My other aim in picking such a simple moniker for this collection is to ease the burden of eager young researchers in their search of a singular, monolithic resource for information on creatures of the Abnormal variety.

Dr. Matthew T. Caulfield

The Bestiary (Alphabetized)









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